ECONOMY: If budget is your most important criteria, choose 'Economy' as your Design approach!
Our Design & Build Team would be dedicated to look for the budgeted but cost-effective specifications, simple but elegant fittings and furnishings. For Example; laminate will be used instead of veneer. These fittings will be applied for your project for a cost effective solution!

STANDARD: Have some extra budget to spend on Interiors? Want to use higher quality specifications in specific areas, but want to spend conservativelyin other areas?
The 'Balance between Quality and Cost' approach could be your way! For Example; we could help you source a stylish sofa and have rich looking veneer to the television set, but have an economical wall finish and carpet. A higher budget could be allocated to areas (like living area) which are emphasized, while reasonable amount of budget could be spent on the less emphasized areas, thus optimizing the costs!

LUXURY: Choose the 'High-End' renovation approach if there is a substantial amount of budget for your apartment! Solid wooden flooring, luxurious-typed sofa set, famously-branded sanitary ware and accessories, delicate lightings……all of these could appear in your apartment with the execution of our high-end selection proposal! More sophisticated design approach and specification selection will also help lend luxury to the space.

CUSTOMIZED: Our design team would meet you at your convenience to carry out consultation with you. Once you have chosen the most desired type of renovation scheme, we could provide you with options from low-end to high-end! You will also be told about the advantages and disadvantages of different materials to make your choice easier. So please feel free to write down your ideas and budget preference.